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Tue, 12 Jun 2012|

Jeff Lewis Neal interviews Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers when Smith visits with local parents and kids at D1.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Jeff Lewis field for the night three point through the plant rise guys morning show Tuesday it was Steve Smith from the Carolina Panthers at the moment there's going good. I'm doing great day you know you're here -- what's going on we get going on here agreement here do you want what's going on. Just here been -- -- -- were canal. You know with with somebody young guys some young guys and you know they're they're they're folks -- Just kind of getting in there and kind of establish an my presence down here -- do you want misfortune and -- -- just run around you know give us some tips in some -- Their religious -- developed in. That that already sustainable. -- establishment that he won hands down here -- just just widened in the presence gasoline given a lot of like inspirational speeches to to some of those goals. And even some of the kids like is that -- -- more folks on you wanna help. Young aspiring football players there you wanna vitriol like let's say the basketball arrest order soccer. You know it it really doesn't matter what sport -- play or if you don't even place abortion is just trying. And I think is really important. You know sports. It is. You do a lot of things you know you look at it when guys or gal is working now. Tennessee in and things get tough. You know failure isn't really. We don't accomplish this is actually win you don't get back up. And I think working out kind of pushes you. And and it gives you those tough bonds that you get into it in real life he's got to grind through some time he had do. Got to we don't want to you gotta get up early in trying. And just do those little things that -- kind of like come that's so. Has not to do necessarily sports. You know being a professional football players great. But also being a professional homemaker. It is important as well. And so that all comes in until factored -- at the end of the day. All of us moms that we have people that depend on us and we're not healthy and ready to. You know to support in the NB. What example is always -- people. There could just run doubts about. To me accomplishments of the within filming -- -- You're in the round three in the draft pick can you -- seventy forth and Carolina that you made your debut. With the Panthers in 20016 time Pro Bowl. Three time all pro -- FC champion -- you got a list of accomplishments do you think in this stage of your career. With the -- did you think you've done at all hours or more come from Steve Smith. You know ultimately everybody has goals. And what they wanna do. But you can't allow wolf I didn't accounts those goes now as a failure you know you got to enjoy the ride got to -- -- sometimes. Global side roads and just look at the census. You know could go flower. -- do those things because. At some point. Today we'll take this stitching and 89. And and they take the name Smith all -- put on to someone else will be doing. If you haven't enjoyed it why -- done. You can't get it back and shows no more so more so got to enjoy a little bit because if you don't. You have guys who that they're just so when the crucial stops. They keep dancing there's no long. Steve Smith who kill our papers thank you very much before. -- -- -- -- You listen to the rise guys new rock 93. Point during the planet.