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Twisted Todd VS Chris Jericho

Jan 30, 2014|

Twisted Todd talks to professional wrestler turned rockstar Chris Jericho about the weather, making the new FOZZY record and Carolina Rebellion!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- was -- -- got a chance to talk to the one and only Chris Jericho you know his -- TJ from Debbie Debbie. Is also frontman of the -- Fuzzy. That's be apart of this year's. Carolina rebellion going down Saturday may third in Sunday may fourth all the details right here on the web site now entry through the planet rocks dot com now for their -- My interview Chris Jericho. So. -- Chris Jericho and here I was going on in item rather. I didn't get that I -- not too bad when he snubsie today I still a bunch of stuff in which outlawed here you know always Orton all the great things. Right merger but the plane about 2 o'clock current. Yeah how was that your capital of the snow so. -- fun where you were re departing from our departing from Tampa. Okay yeah here it's been a little crazy around here and EC if you know Paula. -- southerners are -- I there's no. It's well there's a backlash to you know so trigger happened in Atlanta and the Carolinas is kind of a terrible country so. -- -- -- -- thing was just a huge huge -- Those -- lucky bed until those cars in the side of the roads and -- tried to check it out. I -- so funny because that's where they you know they film Walking Dead around there and of course they did does Tommy land. Around their because I used to work -- not annexed down in Atlanta and it -- so weird when -- cells on the land in the theater. There's a car pulled over the side with a non -- to girls like holy crap. I had a sticker like on an old car models like crap that freak me out it can be you know seriously says that was this. -- totally crazy so you buy gas are getting ready to you guys are working on a new album -- Yeah -- director right now attracting drums at least he can and we already recorded these single which is called lights go out. And that'll be out in mid April just in time for -- Carolina rebellion so we're pretty yet -- -- Again I'm really excited about Carol honor million this year not happen noticed you guys were planning exact same day -- events unfold on black levels society site battle I got a note. Are -- going to be any guest appearances on stage. What's financing motor -- is Donna you know those all three of those ban to have done. Get sparked some argue records before exact solo on the song medical wanderlust. Yup that's actually I renowned zoo all that remains -- all right and you'll thank me I treat it play out that I do not connected with a record. Yeah that was kind of the first woman really kind of to this the next level of people's. Still really big guy and I wanna -- vomit and then -- still play live it counts so big -- for us. And Bill Campbell played and she's my addiction and they're going to record an answer out of course I had that -- -- -- so I felt like. Summer camp and there you're. And that's the cool thing about what -- -- out of a recession happening in the states whereas you know those happened. Pretty much every week and during the summer in Europe and it starts and you really see a lot of say in our country but it's really cool that you know you know -- in the range of most of the things -- kind of starting Japanese are -- the granddaddy -- also. We're really excited -- -- -- planet and it's. But the better than the regular rock general Russell now experience. No absolutely yankees you've got a son. Came here four opera or fast so that was that was cool I got a major out there -- I got to meet you literally about like a -- of a mile from where else born -- like that senate. Fantastic. It was a homage to you yeah but that's compared you know we we. Is frustrated done overseas over the years you're really just started cracking and break in the states on the phone records. So up war from you know 2012 computers -- our first. Sea to shining city US tour and it was great rush to get out and play in front of all the fans of the -- is yes of course. You know standard that I have heard ought to but it actually ever -- -- -- tunes ever get a chance to see a -- so. It was a real. An eye opener for for a lot of people -- -- really -- big things for -- and NATO led directly enabled us. Dion Carolina rebellion is here as well so it's -- -- seek out of the domino effect when you saw the kind of breaks in the certain areas I want to do. People wanna see you coming back and with so much momentum considerable as a sort of wanted to get back in the studio and they had you know twelve great -- in which happened pretty quickly rerouted to get back in this what you get back on the road this spot in the summer in the states. Any any good -- I guess appearances on this do -- the errors that kind Caribbean secret. Our -- we -- working on appeared appears about like whatever we used guest appearances ever writes in a stunt casting type away it's like what would fit the song. In -- means so that's kind of how how we we we focus our our guest appearances so to speak you have -- -- some there's somebody that we know -- -- -- can really at a certain five yards in. Then we'll go forward in this a couple guys were thinking about -- one for sure that they're -- they're gonna use so obviously that is -- The secret for now to yes something that something's gotta be a secret that -- major race. Exactly and you know Alter Bridge plan the next day of Carol honored by you know so we're casino. You guys from what -- reading a recording an album the same comes as gas when you're recording. All the remains and that's how you got Myles Kennedy and a Marshall money on the record. That's sure to be -- mouse spinal -- -- basis. So mark but it solo on the song called where I am so regular we can assemble an all star band just from the guys that are our guest appearances on our regions. It out of either the next thing. -- -- thought about doing that just putting the tour together just on. You know. And I L we do his songs foggy here and that had guest appearances yeah there you should be debt with the amazing to me this Ozzy and friends Stewart. -- -- exactly exactly well and cabinet I think like recently. I was kind of in tree by the idea of the -- and let's say a top forty station for example. Expression in in the -- or most of its usual -- JG. Featuring Rihanna or. You know Eminem featuring. You -- Rihanna but sir Thomas and everybody's but any kind of always the collaboration. I didn't understand what rock bands ever did that which is why. I really wanted to present vehicle we decided to have shadows seeing -- -- I wanted to make it you know far be featuring and shadows and -- I was kind of a cool thing to do with -- around the rock and -- we always. Want continue to produce -- -- -- the recognition of the deal reclaim third musicians and other local and guys are. Like except that there's somebody that no friend of ours. We think it has something to do here added an extra flavor next shade to the -- We never have a problem with with the opening of the doors during an enemy combatants in a couple lines -- -- solo. Order may yet because it's fun you know I think it's I think it's a way that it should be -- a bad. Play with as many people can. Absolutely and I UN are rich ward seemed to have that kind of good camaraderie when I got to meet both of you guys. Oh how what's it like working together with him because you know he was already established -- don't know Joan of course. You know this was your entry into like the music -- you know -- coming from being a wrestler and everything. What was not like working with him musically the first time. Well I mean it's you know what I what I met rich. I -- system at the tail end of wrestling bite my -- -- W and I've been playing bad I was twelve years old and I was awarded being abandoned mark Aguirre should make you think that I don't want to look like so what an -- rich -- just the right Albert plays -- I -- available apparently started. Star quality and he was just coming up but most as a kind of a brand new projects for both of us but that was thirteen fourteen years ago now. And we started out you know kind of you know on the way kind of almost a part time I invite me -- -- -- truly should. In 2000 and not -- -- the that would lead to make its priority being to make this our priority and obsolete it and as a result of bad really started picking up expressions chase in the Grail in 2000 and all the way up until now age is it just beaten down getting bigger bigger bigger. Any any -- kind of underrated genius he's one of the best songwriters. That's rhythm guitar players screw players. And I think people are some really find out or remembered a damn good -- organism. I think would come together over the last special last year and a half years all the -- week on. I mean the simple and we did seventeen countries and 175. -- to thank. And you know the lineup is is that that's ever been and the songs ambassador and the crowds are bigger and more. You know created -- -- -- it is just a real cool quiet about it right now -- but a lot of so -- really really. Really -- -- as he will be in the first sort of opened -- you most news. It's a great rock and roll band that's all you -- just sort soluble wants to get respect then respect. They continue to do what we want to make music. Right now rich being the guy that he is an NBA and the -- On the wants -- running process like dizzy it is usually right most the news occurred do you get a bit of an input there are how does that work out. Problem I write the lyrics. Can do about -- also like -- in the lyrics some border ridge. And then he'll start dissected and and then putting him into bonds and he has written already or use in this inspiration George these songs or then he'll send you bonds' personality they rights. There's sometimes direct knowledge belt. And in the lyrics itself but it basically write music commonality that's why the lyrics -- pretty good. It's a pretty good system using cluster records. It worked so very welcoming inspirational standpoint most. Social standpoint from a traders -- ordered. So. You know I'm on the on the striker who worked -- the couple outside songwriters -- should have dumped or like it was all different -- do so it's just you know were everything that we did in the past 200 shake it up a -- -- to some of the differently. And that's kind of the result that we have the -- as its title of the difference cause there's still some heavy. No real heavy core local metal tunes and there's also a lot more crude. You know almost -- danceable tunes there I say but you know in a very cool heavy you know -- away. Well since you guys are about to enter into an album cycle what do you for see after this cycle and touring. What will be next for use it to work more on music are acting or go back to wrestling some more are what what are you forget. Video Leggett said earlier that -- is the priority and anything else they used spaced throughout our schedule. So you know I have a diverse. Kind of career. Portfolio but. It's based around what body's feeling you know and and lot of times -- bad -- -- up secure location to join a little off for six months or year whatever it is and it's gonna -- decides what I'm going to be doing in between so. After the built a pretty cool place South Korea ago lot of different things that I do. Well once again it's all based around what our -- which person almost party and has since the last four years I think that's what they're not done but also so. I think is that sort of an open even more doors if you look to where we are now in 2000. Fourteen compared to a we were in 2012 ports in the bones came out all the band and all -- Terrified about it and I think after this record comes out is going to be the same or increased you know. Three times four times five times of what we're we're doing. No right now so it's -- -- legal process to see the bang growing into speaks. You know all the doors opening that that were. Bart shut you know locks closed. You know wouldn't know entrance broke the longest time now it's not like got a new mortgages it's really. I thought happened with -- Chris Jericho regressing back in both 2000 we can feel it. Cool momentum and then that's obviously right now both of our band here in 2000 -- doesn't -- And I can say that and getting on -- Carolina rebellion and because in uproar fest what was a great news -- -- to them and Carolina -- -- and it's just like you like -- saying it's like the southern version of rock on the range it's huge. So you have really -- a great exposure from a some folks down here and of course you know down around the Carolinas -- all of some -- so you know everybody's gonna get recognized you as of course Chris Jericho -- Well the coaching is so we have a great fan base and in the so far as you know and that's the way you know as a result fund manager Chris Russell great. You know. It never mattered. This is -- it's ever been an arresting project it's always been able to music and always will be and -- we're gonna keep playing you know playing in doing shows you know. -- over the next 2030 years so get used to struggle anywhere. It is really cool to play Carolina or go to guitar player Billy grades from Charlotte he's been saying for years now we got to get on Carolina -- -- -- -- -- out there. Called a couple months -- -- the wrong Carolina rebellions are now born. In Boston. Aside how does the Canadian gets stuck around a whole bunch of southern -- like ritual or a news that your. He's the bass player the guitar player other guitar players and. -- -- -- that enriched. Billions trying to -- are all from Atlanta you know Atlanta area Charlotte. And polio based players in Jersey so I got one of the northern and then just I -- I did anybody else in anybody's -- in you know that's such a -- and we just. -- -- -- You know it is an in the passing way. And that's how else started we've been down on campus for the last 1015 years so let's I was able to you know those guys are kind of in the same period point. That's not a bad place to -- Bucs fans. Sorry yeah I know yeah and there was not a good year or some other -- Lovie Smith the come in and and put some together because this -- -- and bad year and of course I felt bad for Freeman go on the vikings planned -- game and Newton now where's he gonna get we have no idea so. Yeah I don't know and -- also bogged down his -- -- years and demolish a fact just out of shall all samba. Of all the hockey and hockey in an inaugural that's -- thing. Well aren't sure about the hockey man your dad come on why not. Why are growing up in Canada absolutely sure now does your dad you know enjoy the fact of where you've gone when your career liking of course start now I'm wrestling. And as opposed to go on in the hockey or anything like that. Yeah absolutely we actually had -- we have sought to show up -- web site back in October. We run tour Canadian tour in the subsequent to -- he's a big music techies are usually excited about. -- and sixties about you put -- here and show the sound man does and what you know it was. The -- text you and the other crowd reaction. So guys and he's been supporters -- in Oregon. And so that's that's that's amazing and it's always good to have an -- supporters. And -- instead of sports has this history go under showbiz is not a what is in the some pretty crazy when you first start out you know -- people you wanna be your standard when your wrestling -- brutality -- source all or something like. Why do you watch as straight -- and possibly have regular and when you actually do it kind of I'm told just. And attorneys freak show is over here and do this thing yeah exactly. Well dressed man feels amazing it's -- I hope -- get to meet you again at Carolina rebellion coming up in May. Now granted. Then the Carolina -- a couple of years this being my first time back in a while -- gonna come loaded up some -- -- I'm one of those ginger kids aspect. And also it. Speculation that they think Goodyear master of the. Sure you're ready massive lineup such sure I'd tell you in the lineup is a large part of the man that first day of the lineup is the most incredible thing ever I mean you got. Seven fold zombie eat motor head and boldly to I've never seen yeah I think there -- dying to -- -- so. At this this is really going to be the year for me to the comeback in just. You know we've -- muscle Rockefeller married yet exactly brought it -- And actually wrote a thank you so much for the call man and a look Ford's new album he said the new album is coming out in mid April. The song will be a single political Elmo -- here. OK awesome so low levee here and there. Hear more from that hoped Libya spent enough about how much airliner million hits. I think so -- the planet -- so. Look unfortunately it's senate so long time coming and we a lot of great attitude in its old Carolina area Charlotte. Greenville and Greensboro and everywhere so we -- root of torture matzo sit down there. -- brother you take it easy -- season. Our -- picture thanks.