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Danielle Frye from Charlotte Motor Speedway

May 3, 2013|

Page talks with Danielle about the Speedway Superstar Tour presented by Coca-Cola!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm merely Danielle Frye from Charlotte motor speedway to talk -- down the big event that is coming at this speed -- superstar tour what's happening this month. Pagelet retained its may be happy makes you tired listeners. And what that means it motorsports month here at Charlotte motor speedway and you're right we have the speed late superstar tour. Presented by Coca-Cola. Going on in coming down there in that your area tomorrow. We're looking for cans. We're gonna give them the opportunity do you perform and had to line are you -- and -- -- and greatest days and -- thing. You are exactly right page because they can either we'll have -- lucky winners this thing either god bless America or the National Anthem. At one of our four races and that includes the sprint all star race. The NC education lottery 200. The history 300 and of course the Coca-Cola 600. They need to be eighteen or older of course. These fans there they've got the talent and they are bringing their -- game to these auditions and what happens that they get into our mobile -- studio. And the word for either god bless America or the National Anthem they can hit that on this. The computer screen that's located inside and then they think it and then it's downloaded to our web site which is Charlotte motor speedway dot com. Backed by star and that's how. Fans can go on and vote. Okay so I was gonna ask you that these five lucky winners are selected by the people. Right and all the their talent shows that are out there. That that's a big opportunity. For him letting an advocate that did the exposure gonna have all these races on these people. Exactly it is interesting because I was talking with some fans in asking if they were nervous now like well we have a chance to -- have probably. And at Charlotte motor speedway we can't be nervous. This to see the flyover after the the national and them and the beginning of the race is exciting. Eight and give thereby get up especially when it's not. -- a professional. Talent if you just get somebody local and you know from north or South Carolina complained. And that the united shipment handpicked by the fans that's incredible that it's an incredible opportunity as well. So let's talk about the races themselves. If people are listening in their thinking -- my -- I wanna see this person for farm I want I can see there a NASCAR race I've never -- and I have to tell you I just recently started learning about it. And once again it changes everything. You have to go and visit and watch a race in person page that the only way to be able to have to grasp what is going on and we have. Off some ticket packages here at Chalmers -- wait. But -- -- NASCAR sprint all terrorist we can't we have a 99 dollar ticket package. Well -- kind of don't like that -- You know -- had a good weekend ticket package they. That play that gets tickets to the sprint all star race. And the education lottery 200 -- renal and concert from one of South Carolina found Josh turner. So I was kind of peaking and McCain that there's going to be an award winning country superstar they are to the right. Yeah pass that would be one Trace and can you need. He's coming here on May 24 and those people to have found ticket to the capital 600. Get into that with free concert for ticket holders for the Coca-Cola 600 and there are said ticket packages for that we can't well starting at 99 dollars. Who's the hot driver of their race this year rather than Dan academy guy why. Hillary is everybody looking to see. Oh now. Well of course. And Dale Earnhardt junior yeah he's eloquent favorite -- and a he has. And then of course Jimmy Johnson. Have had spectacular success here at -- speedway p.s you know the current points leader. And of course you have. Carl Edwards. You hate became acutely decades became he kind of quiet and -- -- that the twelve. Well we can't leave us that his sense. I've. I wasn't leaving him out on her at all that I never ever do that. Anything else happening as Charlotte motor speedway -- and. Well -- Coca-Cola 600 we have an incredible pre race because it is Memorial Day weekend and we pride ourselves on. You know having one of the best to tributes to our country and to all the men and women soldiers that. Give -- recently we haven't so. We have spectacular flyover with that and vintage. Warburg they're gonna flyover. Flyover with the American bald eagle. I believe up to 3000 troops coming in from Fort Bragg so I mean it's a lot. It was pride ourselves on to just getting back to the soldiers and troops. At the last race I saw them come out with the drivers dynamic it's a little thing that I've and that men found much to them to be. Here we're going to have them come through the grandstand. To go down on that and Sylvia and a one and later on them home yes I mean if it's it's an incredible. Incredible tribute to all these people be so much for a. I am so looking forward to these speedway superstar. Toure and I'm Gary an audition and so. Delhi and have fun I knew juvenile and later -- Let's take you so much for joining me today. Daniele -- diaphragm. The wonderful Charlotte motor speedway and I hope everyone gets his chance against -- race this year you know we -- a lot -- coming out.

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