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Chris Taylor Brown from Trapt

Mar 11, 2013|

Twisted Todd talks to Chris Taylor Brown from TRAPT about the new album, new single and new tour as they get ready to play in ATL tonight!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As does -- got to talk to Chris from traps on the phone. Today before they're a masquerade. Show in Atlanta tonight Chris. -- -- -- let's go -- brother Andre this if you're just planned surely there there are black marks are examples. -- -- -- -- -- Not that I love Tampa Florida man album love to go down there at some point. There and that's her that learner so Russia and the cheap student had a so so lesser. Could that turn into a manner that every -- -- just actual. And I will -- you got Atlanta tonight -- oh -- attitude. Thought Hitler -- pretty -- sold -- of course respect yet -- -- played mass grave before. -- -- -- -- Probably is they wonder where opera. Yeah in underserved restrict the -- not sure beats you there have been waiting pro war out there SES. Yeah and that's a good place in Atlanta now placed around for a long time modern era. Absolutely larger -- Tampa. Our and we -- here kind. I violence -- motor that there. It's the brits something I can't remember. It had some weird name attached to the Ritz earlier like oh okay. Or murderer out ordered does -- excellent indoor venue those -- are raising. Number absolutely -- SE -- get to play Atlanta that night so I'm sure. You know they'll show you a little bit of a sudden the southern hospitality. Yeah are you sir how are your career Garrard -- -- so we're very you know -- that out of it now apparently don't you know and that. You know you get -- immediately to student leaders like that -- injury that they're not big doctors and actually now. Earlier that you -- south and just like you are so. I was. It didn't. The album's been out for a couple of months you got plans songs and allow minority fundamentally you know most of the words. He had we have three videos are now -- her look a relationship in there and I start with a plan help reduce on a lot of you know partner try to play. Reports are each of our -- Been gone over great career -- picked it up on the and I cannot. You're just like every word every sign the brick campus there princesses in the -- to the it's unbelievable that they. It is yet they keep this in the record and you know all the lyrics you know then you meet so -- -- and -- -- That's got to be really hard to though the more albums you get out there. The less songs you get it covers so there might be a lot of light band favorite say you're like man. Can't play this the kids you know I mean even as one of my favorites the fans love this one. Integrity do you find that a lot with the more albums you guys get out there. Yeah it it's a lovely partner. Create your catalog pondered more sockets from if you can actually liked -- Don't you separate Serbian actor like you're an actor and saying you know crave it. Buried yeah -- it's great to have all of what you bring album chart in your hand. You know sometimes my earlier more than yours and not. It is but it's not a -- there app that like you're Sandra block roads and no immediate blast walls just ate a lot of and and and the pyro. Really you know there -- Hero to rock group little -- and create sooner did it hinder my parents are strict. Right yet there's a lot you know from one on getting those of five for the new -- haven't heard the whole thing yet but it seems to be on -- really go insured you know early. Early -- form there. There's certain manner is it's certain that they beat. -- we want to do the best at what we. And also we added a lot of that could do we had. It done -- You know it's like eight -- -- -- stronger -- -- -- -- -- -- but it still out. -- -- -- -- Doctor Arabic now. You really. Learned a lot of an election year and beat light at their wondered how they will be the record so. I end -- and I learned that back a year -- are -- new. You break your seat -- so -- -- out on a great job. And you know and -- record your -- you're more prepared are. You that our secure. -- and or record with you know their regular back here Gartner are to report record of all -- military. You know it disturbs. And -- and you know it's I've learned from those yet -- apply everything that -- now. It is -- record secretaries and so also will -- Went early reaction is because that we that we haven't been numbering very long ethically -- for like a handful -- and so far man -- to have been getting. You know just kind of warmed up against early spends it's getting there pretty good early reaction. That's -- and look and are not it's just seemed like that's going on under a summary -- due out there -- eager to sort it is. Is really it you know. Are some abuse and everything that is popular aren't Asian. And then -- had -- dead birds like you know all the difference. You know cities that are just you know support -- and you know you -- -- the -- and it over the years he played pretty much every sovereign these you know group -- operating -- No we love the sport we get step. Just the straight to have supporters out there. Absolutely and I'm really excited because you know I mean it's it's it's a song that really. Caddie gets people -- what I mean it's not just like you know two straight like head -- and -- skeptic good you know you wanna like it's like to play it. At a MMA fight you know -- Totally yeah -- the last look there are. Weeks and then the next -- next really. You know audience here and you know -- -- and where you are here for a NASCAR is promote. And and David you're you're -- -- their partner Mary parent and -- better response and everything brigade under their belt driver of the armed. -- it's critical that took you part of only been there and the you know what we've read yet she actually -- The first first first. Little groups that took place. The side not so covered. And I don't last year and then they're happy and your partly Guerrero -- we get an error -- to eat out EB. It's amazing to me how many NASCAR drivers are now rockers the 'cause I -- exile island -- Metallica a few years ago in Charlotte. And a race wasn't talent that same you know were in the same time. And -- -- try my best to get to work -- you know -- fifth at ten network is -- let's say it could get as backstage as -- man. All the backstage passes are all taken the drivers unlike. -- Yeah. That's so it. Yeah we do this every rock and roll 400 a -- -- use our -- here we -- on. In the middle of all great search so allergic literally watch cars go black and about our treat you. Feeling to -- Nearly 3040 you're away from these -- come -- -- Absolutely. Man we gotta get you get as a little bit closer and have a -- Atlanta's not about like you know two and a half hour dropped from us you know. -- -- -- -- they were but -- bugging -- social may end out that it's and I hate that we got an -- the the governor. Absolutely and and the beaches and a bar and keep an open Charlotte -- -- legal. Yeah yeah so a burglar who blew that whole area you we do remarks -- The -- We get them to -- that yes. Absolutely. Well brother out it was really cool talking team and until Jordan said thanks for hooking us up forming. Well mark are -- hurt -- or wrong number there absolutely and enjoy your day brother and and jealous of southern hospitality tonight at the -- -- and thank you for your. You're seven hospitality with that ball over the years and to support traps really appreciate yes. I have celebrity guests have been great to work with Dave. Right now -- Google will -- see a real observant or an act of Robert. -- He's here.

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