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Twisted Todd and DMC at Full Throttle in Myrtle Beach

May 21, 2012|

Twisted Todd talks to Rock N Roll Hall of Famer Darryl McDaniels, aka DMC of RUN-DMC during his live broadcast from the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach for the Full Throttle Fest featuring JACKYL whom DMC performs with during their set. They talk about his collaboration with JACKYL and show some ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Astros' -- to broadcast my show last week live from the house -- -- Myrtle Beach for the full throttle fast. Which featured -- -- banned -- able Marshall Tucker band and even jackal -- jackal came through they brought in a special -- with them hall of Famer. Gentleman by the name -- DNC that's right. DMC. From run DMC and on Friday he was able let's stop by. And do a quick interview with me and if you did not get to hear it that's cool because I'm giving you the full unedited interview right here -- she also check out. The video granite -- a lot of background noise and audio is not. The best they here's the best audio for the interview right here starting now I am honored. Have a very special guests my table right now I have DMC yes the heat DMC from run DN CI. I have a hall of Famer sitting here next to -- even -- about Kelly. I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd know what some analysts that it -- although we all of them all of saying absolutely. So how. How did you get involved with just can't -- -- out here to avert a picture that's going -- let -- face the -- -- Three years ago I had -- just the united studio they'll land and he would tell me about the thirtieth they use it in about it being so full throttle -- about the -- and everything like that with lady of -- third of them came on a third -- all local all the like the week. Out of its urges injustice like hey let's get up on stage so we just like taken it yet there -- anything it's like working. Out this amazing -- articulate suits against it -- it's it's crazy it's crazy of me you know we can afford to run in the film and stuff like that. We thought -- jacked it up let's say we we -- we take it up a -- and that's just the beautiful thing you know it's proper role if it's built to perform well we it will and we did walk this way without the point when we spoke with the big boys and indeed get tested these people as their very first. Yeah that would night. Thing eighties fit but that though it was in the NC these boys though it -- then we stayed with the -- this is to keep the -- -- efforts -- that we -- all around the world -- we practically grew up with the beastie -- and -- in the -- that's really hard it was crazy at first heard -- -- believe. That McCain means that -- -- into the -- you know -- and April when you do that with a little -- and it's kind -- -- -- known that an article in the New York -- like you know I always -- you know -- -- These hip hop the music the you know indestructible. Plate if finally hit home you know thing when it happens to you know when Joey -- When Hendrix Janis Joplin. Got to experience the budget of race in one thing though iconic rock and roll legend buddy but more importantly a friendly when you've seen everything -- We would -- manifestation. Of you know there's no way these these boys from New York that's going it would pump truck it. And the political and it's big news that any guy who is gonna come out that what we prove to the world that proper role in the public you know that together. Exactly you got to -- not the NCA rested beneath all day it's rock and roll -- -- it's -- good -- at the end. Thank you very much DNC thank you for having mic capable Iraqi don't duplicate things absolutely.

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